Energy Boosting Tips for Spring

Energy Boosting Tips for Spring

Want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for action? Feel like you need more energy to see you through the whole day? Here are some simple energy boosting tips that might inspire you.

Pace Yourself Better

Is this you? Get up, rush around trying to do a hundred jobs in one day, only taking a break when exhausted and, at the end of the day, flop on the sofa totally wiped out. Pacing yourself is a great energy giving tool. All this means is taking short (e.g. 5 mins), regular (e.g. hourly) relaxation breaks when you simply sit and concentrate on your breathing, feeling your brain begin to grow quiet and your body relax. You will be amazed by the results.

Get Walking

Walking is a great way to raise energy levels. According to recent research just 5 minutes walking in ‘green space’ boosts wellbeing. It can also help to ease stress, improve sleep, increase muscle tone and boost metabolism. A regular, 10 minute brisk walk will get the heart pumping and oxygen circulating around your body; build up to 30 mins, three times a week and you should really see the benefits. So, think about when you can you make walking part of your daily routine. For example, could you walk to or from work or get out for a walk at lunch time, preferably in a park? If you get the bus, could you get off one stop early and walk? How about walking to the shops instead of driving?

Look At What You Eat

You’ve heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? Well, if you are eating a lot of convenience foods full of artificial additives then you are unlikely to be bursting with energy. And, if you are over doing it on the caffeine, sugar and alcohol then you are simply lowering your immune function, weakening the adrenal system and affecting your blood sugar levels. You’ve heard it all before but now’s the time to start practicing what you know. To begin with, don’t skip breakfast, this is the most important meal of the day. Exchange your junk food for a diet rich in fruit and veg, whole grains and good quality protein. Visit to find out where to buy quality, fresh and good value food and details of farmers markets and farm shops. Also, is packed full of information and support to help you eat more healthily.

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