Summer allergies

Summer Allergies

At this time of year many of us start with what used to be called a “summer cold” until it was discovered that often these blocked up noses, runny eyes, sore throats etc. were caused by pollen in the air, yes hay fever time!

Don’t ignore the symptoms even if you haven’t had them before, hay fever often develops later in life. Just ask your Pharmacist for advice. You can have tablets to tackle many of the symptoms all at once and without feeling drowsy or you can just treat the things which bother you most e.g. with a nasal spray or eye drops.

Don’t forget as always, when you are in the pharmacy, to mention other medicines you may be taking, whether prescribed by your doctor or other things you may buy over the counter. Just occasionally medicines you buy don’t mix well with medicines you get on a prescription and it’s always best to check.

Your pharmacist will always have time to discuss your medicines with you and if you want to talk a little longer then you can arrange a suitable time for you to call in. This will allow the pharmacist to review everything you are taking with you to ensure you are getting the best from your treatment. It’s all confidential and free of charge; all you need to do is ask if you can arrange a “Medication Use Review” (MUR).

Why not also discuss with your pharmacist your needs for protection from the sun.  It may not feel like the tropics but our sun can still cause nasty burns. Over exposure to the sun can also over time damage your skin enough to cause skin cancers, another reason for taking extra care. Talk to your pharmacist if you have any concerns about your skin and reaction to the sun, you may even be taking a medicines which will need you to be extra careful.

Your pharmacist is often very busy but is also very patient and there will always be time for them to set your mind at rest, answer your queries or give you sound healthy advice.

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