Pharmacy services

Pharmacists can do much more than simply dispensing medicines, there are many different health services that Pharmacies offer that you might not know.  Pharmacies also promote and support a healthy lifestyle so many include services such as helping to stop smoking, supporting good sexual health as well as alcohol support services. In some cases, a trip to your local pharmacy can avoid you having to wait for a GP appointment or help you to become healthier with lifestyle changes.


What do your pharmacy offer?

The Isle of Man provides an excellent choice of community pharmacies, for most of us that means easy access to a fully qualified pharmacist who is trained in the safe use of medicines and treatments.

It takes five years of studying to become an expert in medicines and all pharmacists must also be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. Similar to doctors, pharmacists offer a completely confidential and anonymous service and no appointment is necessary, you just need to call in and ask for a consultation. in cases where the pharmacist can not help directly, they can advise the best service to refer you on to.

Below are just some of the services offered by our pharmacies:

  • Help with your medicines
  • The New Medicine Service (a new and free service)
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Review of your current medicines
  • Collecting out of date or unused medicines
  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • Stopping smoking help
  • Alcohol advisory services
  • Minor ailments scheme

Not all pharmacies will be able to offer all of these services so please check with your local pharmacy.

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